Supporting iCodeHack

There are multiple ways in which corporations of any size can have a strong presence and make a meaningful contribution to this event. Take a look at the many opportunities, and get involved with this exceptional event in 2016!

Become a Sponsor

iCode4kids is partnering with a select group of respected organizations that embody the spirit of education, diversity, innovation and collaboration on which the hacking concept is built. Sponsors will have the opportunity to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship in North Texas, support area students in learning about STEAM applications in the real world and meet the region’s top technical talent.

Why Sponsor iCodeHack

iCodeHack aims to reach all school districts around the Dallas area, providing young minds with an unprecedented opportunity to develop analytical and problem-solving skills regardless of background or previous experience with technology.

This event provides a unique occasion to raise awareness among children of future trends and prospects in science, technology and engineering. Awards and other forms of recognition help connect businesses with young talent that can bring mutual benefits for children and companies in the near future.

Sponsoring iCode4Kids also provides companies with the possibility to join our scholarship initiatives to support underrepresented children who have the talent and interest to take their education to the next level, but lack the financial resources to access comprehensive programs in STEAM education.

Past Partners

These are a few of our previous sponsors and partners. Without them it would be impossible to do the charitable works that we do. We would like to thank all of them for their efforts on helping iCodeForKids put on the iCodeHack.